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Looking for a secure London mailbox to receive your letters and packages? Our convenient mailbox rental service keeps your mail safe until you’re ready to collect them. 

Mailbox Options

Why rent a mailbox in London?

In most cases, a rented mailbox has an obvious P.O. Box address. While P.O. Boxes have been a standard and accepted option for mail collection and management for many years, they lack the solid and reliable image of a full bricks-and-mortar type address. To create a more business-like impression you need a real street address.

A real street address

And that’s what you get with a mailbox rented from N1Mailbox. A real, centrally located London street address which bestows a high-end business impression without the high-end London office rent.

London mailboxes rental benefits:

Affordable Mailbox Packages

Our Mailbox Rental Packages

1 Month

£ 20 /mo
  • 1 Month Mailbox Package
  • Price for 1 Month - £20.00

3 Month

SAVE 42%!
£ 11
  • 3 Month Mailbox Package
  • Price for 3 Months - £35.00

6 Month

SAVE 55%!
£ 9
  • 6 Month Mailbox Package
  • Price for 6 Months - £55.00

12 Month

SAVE 63%!
£ 7
  • 12 Month Mailbox Package
  • Price for 12 Months - £90.00


Word from our clients

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