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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a small business use a London Virtual Office/Mailbox/PO Box within the UK?

A London virtual office is an off-site office located at an actual address but is not a physical place. The number one reason why people turn to virtual offices because they help businesses keep costs down. A virtual office is ideal for people who have home-based or newly started businesses and are looking to become more successful and to grow. Some of the features of a London virtual office include telephone answering, email communication, virtual assistants, call centers and an actual business address. Let N1 Mailbox handle all of this for you.
Virtual offices are known to be cost-effective, flexible and equipped with many important elements a business would need. Rather than having an on-site office for your home-based business, you should consider a virtual office instead.
Are you in need of an office that requires little maintenance, costs little money and is located in a prestigious area in central London? If so you can truly benefit from having a London virtual office with N1 Mailbox. Many businesses around the world are using virtual offices to manage their businesses. If you need a way to take care of administrative and communication tasks or simply out on the road a lot, a London virtual office is perfect for you. Before you jump into choosing a London virtual office for your business, it is important to learn a bit more about them and how they can help you. The following is an introduction to N1 Mailbox virtual offices in London.
N1 mailbox offers the highest security and privacy with your virtual office/Mailbox/PO Box for total peace of mind with your business. All details are kept private to kept you in control of your business.
The main reason of having a London virtual office is the address. Many people do not want to give out their home address for safety and privacy reasons. Others do not want to give out their home address because it lacks professionalism . With a virtual office package, you get an address that makes a great first impression on clients because of where it is located. Your prestigious London address will be perfect for you new or emerging business.
Office rents are spiralling out of control what with maintenance, electricity, etc. You will also need to hire a staff to take care of administrative duties which will also cost money. With a virtual office these costs are eliminated. You will not have to rent or lease an office space. Your business may be a start-up and you are not ready to spend money on an actual office. A London virtual office/Mailbox/ PO Box will be the ideal solution for you and your business.
Starting out in business in the UK can be very daunting but here at N1 mailbox we hope to make the process as stress free as possible and make sure you concentrate on the important things like running your business, with our complete company starts up we can have your company set up with a professional image within days. A virtual office/Mailbox / PO Box in London gains you a whole host of advantages as it cuts the costs of uneedy expenses like renting an office that you are never in. This is indeed a huge saving on the start-up capital. The telephone answering service is available round the clock and one can get an exclusive postal address for you business. N1 Mailbox helps get correspondence to mail boxes and gives the virtual office a physical presence and projects an image for micro businesses too of that of larger and a professional business. Virtual office London offers a lot of flexibility to small business owners and helps kick-start their business without having to spend too much at the inception stage itself. Telephone answering becomes very easy with the London virtual office for there is absolutely no chance now that one could miss business calls and miss out on lucrative deals. Virtual office London indeed has now become an must have part of every small enterprise. It is a valid answer and a cost effective choice too for leased office space and an flexible and cost effective answer to expensive manpower. N1 Mailbox offers myriad services that are related to office and one has to choose circumspectly the kind of virtual office services they would need to complement their business so that they could grow at a quicker rate. N1 Mailbox can also provide the complete company set up with our printing and copying services, company stationary is a must have for any business with even your bank account asking for a letter head, let N1 Mailbox design you a logo, print your stationary and deliver to you all in one package.
Website design N1 Mailbox will also design and host your website for some of the best prices in town, whether it be a simple 1 page information page or a fully blown shop with thousands of items let N1 Mailbox quote for your website job.

Private Mailboxes A virtual office/Mailbox/PO Box also allows you to have your own London office address. This address will be registered as a business address and all your mail will be delivered to this address. The mail forwarding service means you can either collect your mail on your own or have it sent to your actual location. It is a great way to show prestige through the location of your company.

Telephone Answering Have your calls answered in your company name and have basic questions answered, Choose the virtual office/mailbox/ PO box package that best suits your business and expand at any time. A unique telephone number allocated to your virtual office business. London Virtual Office Virtual telephone answering gives a more professional feel and appearance to your business. Let N1 Mailbox give your company the edge you need over rival companies.

Company Formation We can provide a fast new UK limited company formation service, with companies usually being incorporated within 4 hours of submission. We also form Limited Liability Partnership, companies limited by Guarantee. N1 mailbox specialise in company formation so do not hesitate to ask if any doubts or queries.
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